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AsiaMoviePass Sample

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The heat is on at Asia Movie Pass and you will beg to jump into this fire. Asia Movie Pass has been heating up the internet for over eleven years and are setting the standards for all Asian DVD sites. Since 1999 the webmasters of Asia Movie Pass have scoured the orient for the sexiest cum slut DVD’s and have made sure to give them all to you in the most convenient and well designed, surfer friendly websites on the net.

You know you love watching Asian babes as they get filled and drilled and covered in loads of thick creamy jizz, but you do have your favorites. At Asia Movie Pass you have so many choices and you are assured to find exactly what you are looking for in a simple categorized fashion. If you know the serial of your favorite DVD, you even have the option to search that way, too.

Maybe you’re into bukkake. Well, let’s face it, who isn’t? At AsiaMoviePass you even get to go one step further. If you want to see some bukkake DVD’s that feature cum eating, cum facials or even cum swapping, you have that choice. You could even see bukkake with cum in public, cum on hair or the nastiest of Asian sluts doing cum brushing. It’s all here for you at Asia Movie Pass.

You might be in the mood for some softcore sexiness and that’s okay when you can browse through their idols-softcore category. You’ll see DVD title’s such as Swinution, Playful Young Asian Teens in Stockings, and even Cute Teen. Each DVD title comes with a preview, a user rating of up to five stars and the size of the file. You also get to see a thumbnail of the front of the DVD case.

When you click on any of the thumbnails of any of the DVD titles, you’re taken to a page that shows both the front and back of the DVD case in a large picture. You’ll be given a short description and review as well the models that appear in the video. Each one has a list of the categories and you can read user reviews and members also get to leave a review as well. View all your DVD titles in both AVI and HD in high resolution full screen, plus flash.

Asia Movie Pass has so many categories to choose from it will be nearly impossible to not have something to watch from day to day. You can view these hardcore DVD’s in categories such as lesbians, teens 18+, and anal. If you want a real treat, then you should check out the award winners category.

The award winners category features DVD titles that the AV Grand Prix selects as award winners for Japan’s adult film industry. They are the counterpart of AVN from the United States. Asia Movie Pass is one of the few showcase sites for this years AVGP Awards by Tokyo Sports Japan and you will get to view this year’s winners from the 100 hottest AV producers. This is the best of the best.

Everyone has their own kink and some of my favorite kinky categories on Asia Movie Pass include bondage, costume play and Milf, but you can choose from others such as Filipina bargirls, deep throat, fisting, interracial and even kissing. One of the nastiest categories has to be gooey mess. If you love women totally covered in gobs of thick cum in any way, shape or form, then gooey mess will be one of your favorites.

Gooey mess is filled with DVD titles such as Loli Loli nuru nuru Lesbians Soaked in Goo and Ami gives blowjobs while covered in goo. You’ll see Asian women covered in so much jizz that they actually look like they’re wearing a white flowing cape of cum. Victim of Lotion Covered in Goo and Cum features Alice Hoshi who portrays a beautiful model who plays in a gooey white substance throughout the scenes. She’s soaked through in goo during every graphic sex act including the finally where she actually bathes in a pool of goo. Totally the dirtiest and nastiest if you ask me.

On the bottom of each DVD title page, you are given a slew of thumbnails that offer movies related to the one you’ve watched. This way, if you find one movie that totally gets your cock hard, and then you will have a list of even more in that genre that will keep you stiff as a log. You couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Asia Movie Pass has all of your typical categories as well. They offer straight sex, schoolgirls, voyeur-upskirt and even legs-ass and lingerie. There are just so many and there is no way you won’t find something you love to watch. With all the high resolution videos to choose from, you’ll enjoy quite a massive library of Asian porn.

At the bottom of the regular category list, Asia Movie Pass has a section called other categories. They include bizarre WTF, facial distortion, pregnant, creampie, gothic, vintage and more. You’ll see thousands of exclusive videos on Asia Movie Pass that you just can’t find anywhere else on the web.

If you just can’t take my word for it, which I can’t understand why not, but in any case, you can check out the Critics Corner on Asia Movie Pass to see what others think of this monstrous adult Asian DVD site. Read Rabbits Reviews who stated “Excellent content, the best I’ve seen.” Or the Sex Herald who states “A bukkake fan’s delight, AMP features the most semen anywhere.” Asia Movie Pass is by far the best when it comes to watching Asian DVD porn and you must check it out today. You will be ecstatic that you did!

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