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Schoolgirls HD
Niche: Asian
Pop-ups: no
Design: 9/10
Navigation: 9/10
Content quantity: 99/100
Content quality: 99/100
Updating: 99/100
Downloadable video: yes

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Schoolgirls sex video

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In Japanese porn the schoolgirl outfit is the most popular and comes in numerous varieties from the classic look to tributes to the kind depicted in anime to more of a prep school look. The one thing all these lovely costumes have in common is that they’re exceptionally arousing, which is why Schoolgirls HD was such a spectacular idea for a porn site. They offer high definition videos of beautiful Japanese schoolgirls engaging in all manner of naughty behaviors and they do so in a well-designed, easy-to-use site that will have you coming back for more.

Pay a visit to the site and you can take an extensive and revealing tour through their content. You’ll get plenty of screenshots of the HD schoolgirl videos and can look at the full list of models that appear on the site. I recommend doing so because it’s the best way to get familiar with the content contained within. They tease you a little by making it seem as though you can play the videos but when you click that button you’re taken to the join page. By then you might be tempted to sign up and you wouldn’t be wrong to go ahead and take the plunge. You get good value as a member.

As the name implies Schoolgirls HD is all high definition video. You can download or stream each clip in 1080p and they offer lower quality versions should you desire a smaller file or a faster stream. On the tour you can get a feel for how the member’s area looks since they don’t change much inside. The video page features an embedded player to get you streaming right away, a short description of the scene, the model’s name, and the categories they’ve assigned to the scene that let you know what’s coming. Oddly, they don’t have a list of categories to choose from, which makes the feature mostly worthless. It’s more for search indexing than anything else.

The video quality is everything you’d want it to be. They look crystal clear and on top of that the camera work is excellent. The folks making these Japanese schoolgirl videos really know what they’re doing. The camera guy isn’t content to stand in one place, instead moving all around the scene to give you views of the schoolgirl action from every angle to keep it interesting and varied. The model list features thumbnailed headshots of the ladies so you can go through and pick the one you’re most attracted to then watch her as a slutty schoolgirl masturbating or fucking.

The site currently features a little less than 100 schoolgirl videos and continues to grow with regular updates aimed at keeping things fresh. They could and probably should update even more frequently but it’s likely that you’ll be satisfied, particularly when you consider the wealth of bonus content that comes with a membership (more on that later). If you’re a huge fan of Japanese pornography you’ll likely recognize many of the models that become the slutty schoolgirls of your dreams.

None of the quality, the nice design, or the bonus content would matter if the Japanese schoolgirl porn wasn’t up to snuff. Thankfully, this is among the finest you’ll find online so you can jump into a membership without feeling nervous about what you’re getting. The models are universally beautiful and range from sultry smoking hot chicks to cute, innocent looking teens that find the allure of hard cock inside them too much to resist. Hikaru Momose is a favorite of mine in the latter category and Sara Nakamura is a favorite in the former. You can’t do better than this wide selection of hotties though and they are expert performers in front of the camera, doing dirty deeds of all kinds.

The schoolgirl porn comes in softcore and hardcore flavors, keeping it interesting for us. In the solo scenes, which are less common than their hardcore counterparts, the girls take their time to pose and look adorable before they expose their pussies and pursue orgasm through toy and finger play. They tend to keep their uniforms at least partly on because they know that’s what looks good and that’s what the boys want.

The hardcore schoolgirl sex scenes are the bread and butter of Schoolgirls HD and they’re beautiful and varied. Each uniform is different, sometimes in small ways and sometimes the changes are wholesale. You’ll see guys fucking them with toys, getting blowjobs, having hardcore sex, cumming on and in every part of the body, and more. It can’t be made clear enough that this Japanese porn site is big on variety and executes their mission exceptionally well.

They ask $29.95/month (you get big discounts if you join for multiple months at a time) and in exchange for your money you can download everything in a day if your internet connection offers the speed to do so. Even better is the archive of bonus content you get access to, all of it Japanese. They currently house more than 12,000 videos in the member’s area, all of beautiful quality and many in high definition. Every video is downloadable or can be streamed and every video is accessible to every member. For high quality Japanese pornography there is no site better equipped to fulfill your lusty desires.

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